Selfie grifters still burrowed tick-like into the Federal Government

A year after outcry, IRS still doesn't offer taxpayers alternative to

When the IRS announced last year that it was working to roll out a government-administered tool to securely grant taxpayers access to online services, it seemed like a triumph for critics calling on the agency to end its controversial partnership with, a service that largely uses automated facial recognition to verify a taxpayer's identity.

But a year and another tax season later, the IRS still offers exclusively with no alternative vendor or in-person options. The lack of progress raises questions about the federal government's slow rollout of and its reliance on a growing industry of private vendors to verify Americans' identities in order for them to access public services online.

Launched in 2017 to offer the public an easy way to securely log in to federal websites, was supposed to streamline the way Americans interact with the federal government. Five years later and more than $187 million in government investment later, however, it still hasn't been widely rolled out.

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