XScreenSaver in the wild

By Pete Ashdown, adorning the front wall of the XMission data center. They're also having a contest!

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5 Responses:

  1. Daniel says:

    Nice, but the audio was a waste of bandwidth. Sorry, but fuck cars.

  2. X says:

    They're also having a contest!

    From the link:

    Files cannot include material protected by copyright

    I don’t think they know how copyright works, since I assume that they were not intending to limit submissions to only works in the public domain.

    XMission retains the right to use these entries for promotional purposes at any time without compensation to the artist.

    That kind of thing is also iffy, and would make any experienced artist be quite wary.

  3. Eric Eide says:

    XMission is my ISP, and they are great! Highly recommended.

    FWIW, the window display has been going on for years.

  4. Al Iverson says:

    Love it. I have taken to putting XScreenSaver on random and letting it run on a computer (fake Mac SE/30) in the background of my work video calls lately.

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