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Dear Lazyweb,

Can anyone explain to me what the default event alert time actually does on macOS and iOS with iCloud syncing?

What I would like it to mean: "When I create a new event, that event is created with an alert 15 minutes before, instead of needing to add that by hand."

What it seems to actually mean: "If you create an event, even a recurring event, and at any point change the time of that alert, or delete the alert, then the 'default' 15 minute alert is going to show back up anyway, but some random amount of time later, and also only like 70% of the time."

I suspect that if I turned off the default alert on my desktop as well as every other device it would stop re-adding it, but then I would accidentally end up a bunch of events with no alerts at all.


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  1. Carlos says:

    Someday - someday, modern utility and application software will be designed, written, and QA'ed by people who actually use such software, and have and idea of what it should do, and what the pain points are.

    Today is not that day.

    Cold comfort, but I have to use gcal for work, and its reminders are terrible too.  Can't rely on them.

    Sorry for the no-help.


    • Frandroid says:

      At least Google calendar lets you set multiple reminders for the same event, which I appreciate greatly...

      • jwz says:

        Since my complaint is that there are too many reminders showing up on an event, I'd have thought it was obvious that Apple does too.

    • dorukayhan says:

      Cold comfort, but I have to use gcal for work, and its reminders are terrible too.

      "Terrible" how? Over here with Thunderbird on my computer and the GCal app on my phone, my reminders just work (they fire exactly when intended (provided my computer is on and TB is running, in TB's case), for starters, and default reminders work as Jamie and other normal people expect), except for the nonsensical five-reminders-per-event limit.

      • Carlos says:

        No phone, I just use gcal on a company Mac laptop.

        Terrible:  roughly 2/3 of the time, I get no alert whatsoever, even though they're clearly set.  For most of the remaining 1/3 of the time, the alert pops up and goes away in a few seconds on its own; if I'm not looking for it, I don't see it.  A few - I see no pattern whatsoever - pop up a persistent alert that doesn't go away until I click it.

        Even fewer play the alert chime, even though I've configured it.

        Maybe this is 90% MacOS's fault - I have no idea.  But I would have thought if it was affecting all apps on MacOS, there would be a whole lot more screaming about this, so I assume it's gcal.  Gmail is somewhat better at popping up alerts, but still misses some.


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