Mud Cops

It just keeps going! Keep watching until they fail their saving throw against the wizard.

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  1. Tom Hoffman says:

    That's Agincourt minus the longbows.

  2. bibulb says:

    In response to my comment "I feel like this journalism is lessened without Yakety Sax,"

  3. CSL3 says:

    Hey, whatever keeps 'em from beating up kids over Louis Vuitton bags...

    Oh wait - these are German cops: whatever keeps 'em from abusing and racial profiling...

  4. prefetch says:

    Bonus failed throws at ~6.51: #31203 vs. the wizard, #31203 sprays himself in the face not once but twice...

  5. Pakraticus says:

    Perhaps this should be the theme song for the cops... (cop pepper sprays self at end... partner laughs).

  6. 2

    At 8:32 there are suddenly some new cops wearing DNA Lounge colors, please explain.

  7. David says:

    For a bit of context, this is a protest over a village being eaten by a giant open-cast mine.
    The same one that demolished a bunch of wind turbines last year.

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