Instagram advertising is going great

All of the attention has been on the Muskovites lately, but let's see how things are going over at the books of Face:

I understand that they use "cookies" to enhance my personalized advertising experience!

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17 Responses:

  1. Rui Carmo says:

    #muskovites is a great hashtag.

  2. dyadron says:

    Great post, but I would add an epilepsy warning.

  3. so much enhancement.
    my eyes are bleeding with joy!

  4. Jim says:

    So, Jamie, any thoughts on the Etro FW23 Men's collection?

  5. Netluser says:

    And I thought YewTewb punishing you for rewinding or pausing the video by showing more ads was bad enough.

  6. CSL3 says:

    Oh, the algorithm and its "subliminal" advertising...

  7. Katie says:

    it's effective bc I am now curious wtf etro is

  8. Birdy says:

    You know, this does make me wonder: what if just serving someone the same ad over and over again (presumably chosen at random) works just as well at getting clicks as using whatever fancy, energy intensive algorithms internet ad people typically use? What if ad algorithms are just homeopathy and websites would be better served just displaying ads at random?

    • Billy says:

      That's a load of rich creamery butter!

    • echomrg says:

      considering the quality and relevance to my interests of the targeted advertising i usually see, i don't think you're that far from the truth...

    • Rodger says:

      So Patrick Grey of the Risky Business security podcast talked a little bit about this, because he relies on ad/sponsorship, and explained that all the industry research he knows says that the difference in effectiveness between advertising from surveillance capitalism vs context sensitive advertising (i.e. advertise on a security podcast to sell your security products, advertise on a nightclub blog to sell music, whatever) is about 7%.

      His view is that the hit to his credibility that he'd take from rolling that shit on his audience isn't worth any extra money that people would pay him for it. But it's interesting to consider that the difference is so marginal. Like that's Google/Facebook/etc's entire existence, but "please let me attach an ad to these tags on tumbler" is gonna be 93% as effective without 99% of the monetary cost and social problems.

      • Birdy says:

        7% hardly feels worth the effort, and yet these companies continue to exist somehow. For now, anyway.

        • jwz says:

          Well they're not going around advertising that it's 7%, they're advertising that it's a mind-control ray. That's the con.

  9. bibulb says:

    "…an homage to its house roots…"


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