German police protect excavator


"RWE's strategy: quickly dig away areas that can be used by activists"

The village of Luetzerath is to be demolished to expand the Garzweiler lignite coal mine:

Activists threw fireworks, bottles and stones at police [...] Protesters previously had set up a burning barricade, and one glued his hand to the access road. Activists have been living in houses abandoned by former residents.

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23 Responses:

  1. 7

    Bucket-wheel excavators always look like some sort of Empire mega-weapon from a Star Wars film.

  2. Rob says:

    My favorite part is where they protested an increase in carbon emissions by ... starting a fire

  3. One of many Duncans says:

    You'd think the Bagger 288 would be capable of protecting itself.

  4. jwz says:

    Here's a clearer photo of the thing:

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