Breed is, like our Sewer Treatment Bay Outfalls, full of shit

Mayor Breed Claimed SF Wasn't Warned About Last Week's Big Storm. The National Weather Service Says Otherwise.

"We were under the impression [by the National Weather Service] that we could anticipate not even an inch of rain [that weekend]," Breed said at an emergency press conference Tuesday afternoon. "The information we had was not sufficient in helping us prepare in the capacity we needed to respond to this issue."

But NWS had alerted local officials and broadcast media as far back as Dec. 21 of "a significant rain event that would bring high impacts and hazardous conditions."

Susan Buchanan, a spokesperson for the National Weather Service, said that forecasters even emailed daily briefings to the Mayor's Office and attended the virtual citywide planning meeting for New Year's Eve on Dec. 28.

By Dec. 29, NWS raised the threat level for heavy rain on New Year's Eve in San Francisco to high -- forecasting for 2 to 3 inches of rain, with the potential for up to 6 inches in surrounding areas.

Then, a day before the massive storm arrived, it warned: "This will be a dynamic and potent system ... Expect rain rates to intensify, with periods of heavy rain to develop overnight tonight and through midday on New Year's Eve."

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German police protect excavator


"RWE's strategy: quickly dig away areas that can be used by activists"

The village of Luetzerath is to be demolished to expand the Garzweiler lignite coal mine:

Activists threw fireworks, bottles and stones at police [...] Protesters previously had set up a burning barricade, and one glued his hand to the access road. Activists have been living in houses abandoned by former residents.

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