Rotary Keypad

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  1. Alex says:

    Reminds me of the amazing MacBook Wheel.  Everything is just a few hundred clicks away.

  2. Noah Friedman says:

    That rotary numpad is best paired ergonomically with a Morse keyboard, though.

  3. Birdy says:

    I know I would get tired of this within an hour or so, but for that first hour I would genuinely love using a keyboard with a rotary keypad. I'd be wearing a gigantic grin on my face until it was replaced with a grimace of annoyance.

  4. Kaka says:

    Hey, here is an actual rotary cellular phone available for purchase (minor assembly required) by the amazing engineer and scientist Justine Haupt:

    • Kaka says:

      Oh wait, that phone is right there on the Previously section. Sorry.

      • jwz says:

        I have also ordered one! It's taking her longer than she expected to ramp up production, but her updates about the manufacturing process and glitches have been very entertaining.

  5. Does it generate emacs keyboard events?

  6. That's excellent, and it would be *just* as useful as the numeric keypad on my thinkpad.   (I bought this model for other reasons, thinking it wouldn't bother me-- I was wrong.  The center of the keyboard is offset from the center of the screen, which takes getting used to.)

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