MAME now emulates a Stasi numbers-station speech synthesizer

Gerät 32620 was a digital speech generator, developed in the early 1980s [...] and was used by the Stasi for sending secret coded messages via the mysterious numbers stations that used to be operated on the short wave radio bands. The device is known by different names, including Eiserne Frau (iron lady) and Stimme (Voice).

Update: Also it has come to my attention that Google's Content-ID system is, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. As demonstrated by the fact that it thinks that this video is a song owned by "WMG and 4 Music Rights Societies", none of which (despite their superficial similarities) appears to be "The Stasi":

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4 Responses:

  1. Zach Fine says:

    BRB, buying a Mister FPGA so I can faithfully emulate the Gerät 32620.

  2. thielges says:

    It is refreshing to see “crypto” used to mean cryptography instead of a get-rich-quick Ponzi scheme.  

  3. Jason Kratz says:

    Just to note that this isn't in the official release yet per the author's comments on the YouTube video but the code (and a binary) is in GitHub. Sounds like it will be in the next release.

  4. prefetch says:

    First thought was a false positive from Kraftwerk's catalogue or a song with the numbers radio sampled, but nope. Also German, but the exact antithesis of those genres:

    Fun knowledge acquisition of the day - the numbers are analogue tape samples of a real person:

    According to her own account, the words Achtung (Attention) and Sieben (Seven) were the most difficult to record.

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