I would like to thank the Academy...

"@pmarca blocked you"

Marc Andreessen @pmarca blocked you. You are blocked from following @pmarca and viewing @pmarca's Tweets.

To be clear, as I said in "On blocking, and the coinsplaining cryptobros", I don't have a problem with anybody blocking anyone for any reason, or for no reason at all. I do it all the time, and that is the system working properly. If I irritate you, you absolutely should block me.

I do still think this one is pretty funny, though.

Guess I'm off the Christmas card list for sure now.

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18 Responses:

  1. jadam says:

    Did you do anything specific to receive this honor? Some snide subtweets perhaps?

  2. Eric TF Bat says:

    It's like Puss In Boots being blocked by Shrek.

  3. Christopher says:

    Honest question: when is the last time you met him, even briefly?  I know he was always…driven,  but was he always this much of a..what’s the world, dick?

    • granville says:

      I have no insights but I hope he keeps talking to dispel all doubt about just what he is.

      Imagine the arrogance and self-absorption it takes to go on a huge media campaign urging everyone that We Need To Build, that it's Time To Build, that America Needs To Build Things, Houses, Buildings, Cars, Everything. And while you're doing that you're also writing letters to your local zoning authorities demanding that they cease-and-desist building multi-family housing (what we call "apartments") because it will attract too many poors to their affluent community.

      If he just did the last part, he'd be like every other billionaire prick. But the fact that he was publicly urging the opposite - even trying to rebrand himself as the Man Who Wants To Build - makes him a ridiculous prick. I hope he wasted a lot of money on PR consultants and ghostwriters for his now worthless image makeover. Even more, I hope they all got enough cash from him to move into the neighborhood and ruin his pristine views, the slob.

  4. Alex Roberts says:

    Apologies for whining on your blog, but I'm a recent twitter follower who's been blocked. Very curious as to what triggered it, not a cryptobro or facisist. Maybe I follow one? I did like a tweet by Liz Cheney criticizing trump recently.
    You definitely don't want to read about anything I tweet about, but I do miss reading yours. I can still follow your blog and mastodon I guess.

  5. Kaka says:

    The hell's a pmarca?! *scouring the web* Oh. Wow. Quite an honour. Maybe it was done by accident? Those electronic thingamajigs can get pressed without noticing.

    • granville says:

      You'll have to scour a little more to get to the part that mentions the workplace relationship between pmarca and the author of this blog, but I assure you the punchline is worth it.

  6. mattl says:

    Yeah he blocked me a while ago for saying cryptocurrency stuff is a big old fucking scam, which it is.

  7. 3

    He blocks me too, since at least 2020. No idea why. I mean of course I agree that cryptocurrency is a big scam, but I don't think I've yelled about it on Twitter very much.

    Maybe it was the time in 2018 when I told him that Atherton should pay to put HSR underground, just like Berkeley paid to underground BART in the 1960s.

  8. Beau says:

    I'll always be amused that he blocked me and everyone else on twitter who joked about his Google Glass Photo back in 2013


  9. Adelson says:


  10. Koleslaw says:

    The only "celebrity" I know of who has blocked me on twitter is former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling. I'm not exactly sure why, I think I might have innocently mentioned to someone that I'd rather vote for Hillary than Donald. It's the only thing I can think of because I generally only tweet stupid shit about baseball or video games.

  11. He's blocked me too, and I'm certain we've never interacted in any way. He may have found some block lists that look like they have some annoying people on them and dropped the ban hammer on them all.

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