New study shows private market can't and won't create workforce housing in SF

"Building housing for the working class is completely off the table for the private sector"

Even with the most optimistic assumptions -- that the land will be delivered clean of any residual toxics, that no demolition is required, that the state's Density Bonus law will apply, that no CEQA review will be required, and that the city will provide all necessary entitlements at no cost to the developer -- new private-sector housing in the neighborhoods doesn't make financial sense in today's market. It simply doesn't provide enough return on investment for the speculative capital that finances housing. [...]

Sup. Myrna Melgar, a former planning commissioner, told me she read the study and agrees: "It has nothing to do with the process." A year after the state forced the city to upzone everwhere, "nothing is moving," she said. "Not a single project." [...]

The problem isn't CEQA, or neighborhood appeals, or zoning. It's Capitalism, stupid.

Apropos of nothing, the other day I saw a small homeless encampment being "cleared" from my neighborhood -- which means, a bunch of people having all of their possessions, including their tents, tossed into a pickup truck and thrown away. Just another reminder that when Breed and Dorsey talk about being "tough on crime", what they mean by "crime" is "visible homelessness".

I hope all the police overtime protecting Union Square high end retail is going great, though!

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Breaking: Police are terrible at their jobs.

Denver police in SWAT gear raided Johnson's Montbello home looking for a stolen cellphone that had pinged in the area.

Johnson, in her bathrobe, opened her door when an officer on a bullhorn told anyone inside to come out. Officers carrying rifles stood on her lawn next to an armored tactical vehicle. One officer held the leash of a German shepherd K9.

Once inside her home, Johnson said, they smashed a door to her garage with a battering ram, broke apart a ceiling panel, broke the head off of a beloved collectible doll and left the house in disarray. [...]

The search warrant followed a report of a truck stolen from a Denver hotel. The owner of the truck said there were five handguns, a rifle, two drones, $4,000 in cash and an iPhone in the vehicle when it was stolen [...]

The following day the truck owner told Staab that he used the Apple "Find My iPhone" app [...] The truck owner rented a car and drove by Johnson's house and told Staab that he didn't see his truck but it could be in the garage. [...]

The search warrant never should have been approved, according to Johnson's lawsuit. Staab never tried to corroborate the truck owner's findings and never conducted an independent investigation before filing the request, the lawsuit states. The "Find My iPhone" app gives an approximate location and is not meant to be a law enforcement tool. [...]

"The screenshot offered no basis to believe McDaniel's iPhone was likely to be inside Ms. Johnson's house, rather than on any of several neighbors' properties, or discarded on a nearby street by a passing driver," the lawsuit states. [...]

The police department did not pay Johnson anything to repair the damage to her home, said Greg Brunson, Johnson's son. The family and their friends sent numerous emails to the department in the months after the incident asking for an apology but never received one, he said. [...]

The investigation into the stolen truck remains open and nobody has been arrested, Denver police spokesman Doug Schepman said.

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