Put it into my nose now!

From Violet's pandemic roundup:

Daily nasal vaccine:

... one of a raft of proposed nasal sprays to prevent infection. The sprays would be fast-acting and would be applied frequently, perhaps once or twice a day, to the site where the virus first takes hold -- the nasal lining and throat. Unlike vaccines, which train the recipient's immune system to build long-lasting protection, the sprays are short-lived compounds that would directly block the virus's ability to enter cells. [...]

Prophylactic sprays have a simpler job than conventional antivirals, such as Paxlovid, that are used in the first days of an infection: preventing a single virus particle from infecting a cell is a "much easier ask than counteracting the effects of millions of viral particles" days after infection, Barclay says.

Magnets, how do they work?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who told an Ohio House committee in the summer of 2021 that coronavirus vaccines could "interface" with cell towers and magnetize recipients now is in danger of losing her license to practice medicine. [...]

"I'm sure you've seen the pictures all over the internet of people who have had these shots and now they're magnetized," Tenpenny said. "They can put a key on their forehead and it sticks ... There have been people who have long suspected there's an interface, yet to be defined, an interface between what's being injected in these shots and all of the 5G towers." [...]

Her 2008 book, "Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages" sells on Amazon for $300.

I'm on 10G now, my uploads are so fast...

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10 Responses:

  1. Don says:

    Is this Juicero but for noses? Twice daily nose sprays are an alternative for folks who don't wear masks? People who won't put a little piece of fabric on their face aren't gonna take nose sprays.

    This is neat and I can see a use for cautious/high-risk folks in high transmission situations, but I hope the folks involved have better understanding of their market than the article would imply. It makes it sound like they're launching a new VR software product they are sure will be a huge draw to Amish consumers.

    • jwz says:

      I just want a little spritzer of it hanging around my neck, like those timed aerosol restroom perfume canisters.

      • Snarkerd says:

        Excuse me, I need to huff on my social prophylactic spritzer before we continue interacting.

      • Don says:

        If we're fantasizing I want one that spritzes OTHER people when they get close to me. Or maybe before they get close to me, so they won't.

  2. thielges says:

    "They can put a key on their forehead and it sticks ...”

    OMG!   It must be magnetic especially if the key is made of non-ferrous brass.  There’s no other possible way to make a key stick to your forehead.  Or a coin or bottle cap.

    And of course that magnetism must have been caused by 5G towers.   And the reason we haven’t seen IG photos of keys on people’s foreheads before is because it requires the covid vaccine to trigger the effect.   This is the only obvious plausible solution that I have obsessed on.  There is no other reasonable explanation, just contrived quasi-scientific hooey.  


    Good to see the state medical board taking action to protect the reputation of the good doctors out there.   And nice to see the mainstream media calling her out on this chicanery.  

    OMG.   Don’t believe the MSM …

  3. sleep says:

    sounds like a ticket to a deviated septum but i’d use it on days i simply can’t avoid crowds

  4. Jon says:

    If it really works, I could see using this after something like a dentist appointment where I have to go maskless. But it's no replacement for an actual vaccine.

    • Jon says:

      Of course as soon as I press Post Comment, it occurs to me that this isn't going to help with the mouth so much.

      • Don says:

        Nobody should take medical advice from me since I am not a doctor and don't even play one on the internet. But my understanding is that the digestive system, and the mouth to a lesser extent, are much more hostile to virus and bacteria than your nasal and ocular membranes are. Oral HIV infections, as I recall, were all traced to poorly sanitized dental equipment where (this is so gross) there was actual human material caught in those pneumatic drill contraptions.

        This does make me wonder if they'll need an eyedrop to accompany the nasal spray.

  5. mattl says:

    Congrats on 10G. I look forward to the 8k streaming you can do with your newly acquired bandwidth.

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