Ghislaine Maxwell asked Elon Musk to destroy the internet

As it turns out, their meeting was slightly more than a photo bomb.

According to a Vanity Fair staff member at the time who stood next to Ms. Maxwell and Mr. Musk and shared contemporaneous notes with The Times, the pair chatted. Ms. Maxwell asked Mr. Musk if there were a way to remove oneself from the internet and encouraged Mr. Musk to destroy the internet; Mr. Musk demurred.

Ms. Maxwell then asked Mr. Musk why aliens hadn't yet made contact with humanity, to which Mr. Musk replied that all civilizations eventually end -- including Maxwell's hypothetical alien one -- and raised the possibility that humans are living in a simulation.

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4 Responses:

  1. Not Frank says:

    This is so batshit insane it makes total sense.

  2. CSL3 says:

    Considering this moron tried to buy ICBMs from Putin, the above is totally in character for his brand of mediocre-rich-white-supremacist stupidity.

  3. Wraithe says:

    no, this is a photobomb:

  4. Andrew says:

    She got it slightly wrong, the right request would have been to have Elon ask the aliens to destroy the internet

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