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"Post dot news", the Andreessen-funded probable cryptocurrency grift masquerading as a social network that I busted on yesterday (and that considers dunking on billionaires to be hate speech) is creating fake "placeholder" accounts to try and get their users to bully news organizations into signing up.

This is the kind of shit that Yelp regularly does.

Hey, remember in 2020 when Yelp decided to non-consensually funnel more business to their partner Gofundme by creating a "fundraiser" for your business whether you wanted one or not?

SF Bar Owner to Yelp: "Fuck All of These People Entirely".

Hey, remember my 2012 long-form art project entitled, "I would like my business to not be listed on Yelp"? Part 1, Part 2.

Good times, good times.

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  1. CSL3 says:

    Incidentally, when I got your quotes for this piece shortly after the SF Eater piece, I also reached out to Yelp for comment. Said comment, which I still have in my old e-mails, claimed two things:
    1 - that forcing businesses into GoFundMe profiles was, like, only for two seconds and we (Yelp) are totes opt-in now, so it's NBD. Later in that same e-mail, it says that the opt-in/out was always there and businesses who didn't see it are just dumb-dumbs (I'm only paraphrasing a little).
    2 - that businesses like the DNA Lounge who complain are just doing so on behalf of a big ol' meanie named Nick Kokonas. (I'd never even heard of this guy beforehand, but it turns out he runs a Yelp competitor called Tock... which I'd also never heard of.)

    When I followed up for further comment - particularly an explanation as to how or why they thought random businesses were shilling for Kokonas - I got (surprise, surprise) no response. My editor wound up dropping that bit anyway to keep the piece focused on the Lounge itself.

    So... yeah. I expect the Post bros to have a similar "Greedo shot first" altered memory when they get heat for their placeholder accounts.

  2. mattl says:

    Trying to get these fuckers to delete my post.news account now.

    They have my name and my Gravatar but that’s all they have.

  3. BinaryDigit says:

    Wow that is so gross. :( I just looked up Post, and what is this mobile looking weird desktop page wall of text? Also it's funny, their bullet points of "what can you do on Post" is literally what I can do without their site with a blog, any other social media or chat app that already exists. The wheel is just being re-done over and over. I'm over it and slowly regressing back to tumblr, blogs, and RSS lol

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