I've been using Fluid for a few months, and I really like it!

It lets you generate a standalone macOS application that is just a window hardcoded to a particular web page. This means it gets its own dock icon instead of just being one of your web browser's windows or tabs, but more importantly, it does not share cookie data with other browsers.

So, for example, I have a Fluid app that loads the Tweetdeck web site, and it stays logged in to Twitter, but my regular browser is logged out, avoiding all kinds of tracking fuckery.

I'm also using it for Mastodon, because all of the macOS Mastodon apps are way less usable than the web site, but now I have the web site behaving like an app, and handing off clicked links to the "real" browser.

But even more useful is that you can have multiple apps with different logins, so if you have more than one account on a site, you don't have to keep logging out and back in to context-switch. You just generate a different app for each of them.

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"Claim your account"

"Post dot news", the Andreessen-funded probable cryptocurrency grift masquerading as a social network that I busted on yesterday (and that considers dunking on billionaires to be hate speech) is creating fake "placeholder" accounts to try and get their users to bully news organizations into signing up.

This is the kind of shit that Yelp regularly does.

Hey, remember in 2020 when Yelp decided to non-consensually funnel more business to their partner Gofundme by creating a "fundraiser" for your business whether you wanted one or not?

SF Bar Owner to Yelp: "Fuck All of These People Entirely".

Hey, remember my 2012 long-form art project entitled, "I would like my business to not be listed on Yelp"? Part 1, Part 2.

Good times, good times.

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