Dear Lazyweb,

I want a Thunderbolt 3 hub with these properties:

  1. Can run video through it.
  2. Externally powered.
  3. When external power is cut, connected devices lose power, rather than continuing to be powered by the host.

Does this exist?

The goal here is not "be a hub" but "be able to power cycle the device", since my piece of shit Blackmagic UltraStudio Recorder 3G often loses its mind and stops functioning unless I physically unplug it from the Thunderbolt cable and re-plug it.

Rebooting the host computer is not an option, and I can think of no other way to remotely reset this piece of shit, since it is powered from the Thunderbolt cable, not an external power supply.

But I do have a PDU that lets me remotely cycle plug sockets.


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Fucking Apple.

Irritating new misfeature in desktop! If you type the characters "" in a message, what gets sent is instead " <>"

Even if the message is plain text, not rich text.

It also adds this nonsense if you type "".

But not if you type "" -- however in that case it does helpfully auto-capitalize the "Https" for you.

I can't find any way to turn this off. You have to option-click on the link and select "Link / Remove Link" on each one to get it to send what you actually typed.

This is going to irritate me as much as the fact that the "On DATE, NAME wrote:" line is inside the quoted-text block instead of outside.


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