Fucking Apple.

Why does my Mac now do this every time I log in?

No amount of saying "yes" makes it stop.

Why does my iPad do this every time I plug it in?

While it is saying the above, the progress bar at the bottom gives every indication that it is, in fact, backing up and syncing music. Maybe it's not, but it looks like it. And yet here we are.

Why does my iPhone not do this when I plug it in locked, but only the iPad?

And about one time in ten, the iPad's screen does this instead. I have complied at least a dozen times and it keeps coming back:

Xcode is able to install development apps onto both the iPhone and iPad, so they are most assuredly "trusted" by this computer at what I had previously believed was the most fundamental level.

I feel so "secure". There's so much "trust" I can hardly stand it.

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