Using your own domain as a Mastodon handle

It seems that if you have /.well-known/webfinger redirect, you become discoverable on Mastodon using your own domain. E.g. following "" will now actually follow "", I think.

But is there some way to make that address actually present itself as "" and make that be my canonical address? I would like that address to be the one that people find and see. Without running my own full Mastodon instance, I mean.

    Update: No.

My PHP redirector is here, it's pretty simple.

Some searching suggests that "host-meta" and "nodeinfo" URLs might also be involved, but I don't know what those do and it seems to be working without those.

Update: Alas, as noted above, it turns out that doing this is pointless, as you can't make "" be the thing that anyone ever actually sees, unless you run your whole own instance, which takes a colossal amount of effort and resources.


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Bezos doesn't just make Amazon staff pee in bottles -- also his personal housekeepers!

Jeff Bezos' Housekeepers Got UTIs from Lack of Bathroom Access, Says Lawsuit:

"For about 18 months, in order to use a bathroom, Plaintiff and other housekeepers were forced to climb out the laundry room window to the outside," her lawsuit claims. "Then, run along the path to the mechanical room, through the mechanical room and downstairs to a bathroom. This toilet was used by both men and women, for example grounds staff used it too."

At one point, housekeepers were told to use the bathroom attached to a security room where security guards monitored cameras on the property, but guards denied them access "because it was decided that housekeepers using the bathroom was a breach of security protocol." As a result of inadequate access, the suit says, housekeepers "frequently developed Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)." [...]

Bezos has since responded to the lawsuit as you might expect a cartoonishly evil billionaire to respond: by claiming it's impossible for him to be racist toward Hispanic people because his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, is Mexican-American.

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