Public Health Disservice Awards

Hosted by Neoliberal John Snow:

These awards, also known as the "Snowzzies," acknowledge the achievements by individuals and groups in worsening public health in 2022. [...]

ACHIEVEMENT IN PUBLIC HEALTH DISSERVICE BY A GROUP. "The Clown Car Award." This award is intended for a group or organization that has gone above and beyond to provide a disservice to public health in 2022. This can be for any organization, whether or not they work in public health or a related field. [...]

ACHIEVEMENT IN BEING THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. This award is intended for an individual whose disservice to public health in 2022 directly stems from the fact that they presumably do not understand that there are other people in the world whose lives also have value.

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2 Responses:

  1. jrl says:

    It's hard
    to learn
    to love

    (but Neoliberal John Snow helps)

    (a little)

  2. thielges says:

    Every time I run across the term Neoliberal John Snow I fall into some variant of Poe’s Law and have to re-educate myself that the actual John Snow was a good guy.   

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