"Karen" Halloween display removed after a Karen complained to city hall.

Some folks complained that the display was "offensive to certain type of women," and city hall was forced to take it down.

The display featured a scarecrow wearing a "Can I speak to the manager?" t-shirt and a "Karen" nametag.

Further, the city says the display was not a political statement, nor was it targeted at a specific individual or group, and that they have investigated the issue internally and did not find anyone who participated in the display intended malice.

Moving forward, the city says there will be staff trainings as to why this was "insensitive and offensive to their community."

(Time to bring back the "we're a culture not a costume" memes.)

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7 Responses:

  1. Carlos says:

    "Boss, *everything* offends the Karens and Kevins.  How is this any different?"


    • jwz says:

      The thing that's great about this insult is that it's self-selecting -- it's like someone yelled "hey asshole" and they were the only one to turn around.

  2. Jay says:

    Since when "entitled whiny middle-aged women" are "a community"? It'd be hilarious, if it weren't so sad...

  3. Kiki says:

    Americans ruining fun for everyone. They are making it impossible to wear any sort of costume whatsoever. I wish there was a way to mute America in America. https://www.jwz.org/blog/2022/06/i-should-be-able-to-mute-america/

  4. Jonny says:

    Yeah, middle aged white women are not exactly high on the list of "people who anyone gives a shit about if we stereotype".  It isn't worth an angrily complaining the manager and probably isn't worth more than an eye roll, but it's probably in poor taste to have a "Karen" display at city hall.  

    I personally I don't use the insult and never liked it.  I know people named Karen and it isn't like they did anything wrong other than have a name in common with some dumb internet meme.  It's an overtly sexist insult that completely and fully relies on apply sexist and ageist stereotypes.  If I'm reaching for sexist insults, I'll use "bitch" before Karen.  At least the "bitch" insult isn't a 100% a sexist insult heaped with a large helping of stereotyping, and instead hovers somewhere around 70% (made up stats) and is easily applied to any human or dog.

  5. CSL3 says:

    The short-lived HBO show Betty (a great show in which the second season made it clear we're still in a pandemic and need to wear 😷) had a great , low-key joke about how white people saying "the 'Karen' label is sexist" is peak white privilege.

  6. Bill S says:

    National media coverage is missing the important stuff that local media reported. Specifically, the "complaining Karen" is a local political activist, and has reason to believe that city employees were mocking her specifically. I can't judge whether this is true -- I just think it's typical of news media to distill a complex incident down into "let's hate somebody" clickbait. https://www.yaktrinews.com/prosser-karen-halloween-display-more-than-just-a-scarecrow/

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