DNA Lounge: Wherein it's Above DNA's Tenth Anniversary

Happy birthday to our upstairs annex!

We started the process of expanding the compound back in February and March 2011. Construction commenced in February 2012 (yup, a full year of permitting nonsense) and our first show was on October 23, 2012 with Happy Fangs and Books on Fate.

At this point it's hard to believe, or even remember, that DNA Lounge used to only have two rooms, and that not long before that, we were 21+ only, even for live music.

The impetus for creating the Above DNA space was to make it easier for us to do live music, including bands who weren't big enough to fill our much larger main room. Thanks to COVID, there hasn't been a whole lot of live music lately... The situation out there remains dire for touring bands.

A few times recently, we've had bands say to us, "Wow, this was the biggest show of our tour!" and we're thinking... damn. There should have been twice as many people here easy, and we barely broke even on it. Even our post-COVID attendance estimates have often been insufficiently pessimistic.

And in this bleak situation for live music, we also find ourselves again without a full-time talent buyer, which doesn't help. It's always a difficult position to fill, since it's a hard job under the best of circumstances, which the current circumstances most assuredly are not. If you know someone with experience, please send them our way!

Anyway, come see some shows. Tonight in the Main Room we have Just Add Heather, live music, burlesque and baking on stage. In Above DNA tonight, we have a private going-away party for REDACTED. Our next live show in Above DNA is this Sunday, Julien-K, Priest & Miss Trezz.