XScreenSaver 6.05 out now

XScreenSaver 6.05 is out now.

This is an X11-only release. No new display modes this time, but I ported xscreensaver-settings from GTK 2 to GTK 3.

"Ported" is doing some heavy lifting there, since if you have even a passing familiarity with open source software you can easily predict that "port" means "largely rewrite".

It wasn't quite as ridiculous as the shit that Apple pulled between macOS and iOS, doing things like replacing NSColor with identical-yet-not UIColor, but it was close. No Linux developer has ever met a function that they don't believe should be deprecated after 5 years. They're like the pedobear of APIs: "Too old!"

Anyway, lemme know if it breaks.

Minor update: if you already downloaded 6.05.tar.gz, grab 6.05.1.tar.gz. Oops.

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  1. db48x says:

    After a cursory examination I have discovered no problems.

    • db48x says:

      Actually, a slightly less cursory examination revealed a problem in xscreensaver-getimage which JWZ just sent me a patch for. I win! ;)

  2. グレェ「grey」 says:

    They're like the pedobear of APIs: "Too old!"


    I probably shouldn't be throwing stones at glass houses though. Especially after I just spent the past hour or two attempting to update got (gameoftrees.org) to 0.75 [portable release today, September 10th!] for MacPorts, unsuccessfully.

    After all, OpenBSD deprecates entire releases after a year or so (there's -CURRENT, there's release [7.1 at the moment, but 7.2 is tagged in -CURRENT] and then there's one more release before support is nixed) and got is an OpenBSD related project. Admittedly, I understand why they deprecate things with abandon, limited developer resources and often, security issues.

    Meanwhile, at least part of the issue with 0.75 I encountered, is related to some new lines added to configure.ac for Homebrew, and Homebrew: doesn't even have a got port yet!

    That's how bleeding edge this release is I guess? I tried to find the "Homebrew contains google spyware" comment somewhere on your blog (back around the Let's Encrypt [as an aside: RIP Peter Eckersley] debacle from last year which inspired me to start updating MacPorts' LibreSSL Portfile around this time last year which since led me down a dark and twisty passage to: yet again, I'm stumped.

    I'm blaming it on Mercury retrograde, or the full moon, or some other superstition, for now. I'll give it more effort later, hopefully with better results, but my headache is excruciating and spoons are at a minimum.

    What is more harrowing than pedobear APIs? "In Utero" is a Nirvana album after all, and by all available information to me, I am definitely not existing in such a heavenly realm by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. グレェ「grey」 says:

    I eat glue by the way!

  4. Mike says:

    Hi there, JWZ. I would just like to say thanks for Xscreensaver, as I think all of the freedom the user has to customize behavior of the program/screensavers, is quite cool.

    Also, your writings about the bugs in other, rewritten versions of your screensaver program which have less functionality and more dependancies than yours does, like the Gnome Screensaver, had my sides splitting with laughter!

  5. tom says:

    Could you please port it back to gtk2 or literally anything other than gtk3+? gtk3 and newer are flaming piles of garbage and upstream are assholes that think they know everything.

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