The hottest neighborhood in San Francisco: Austin, Texas

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  1. Kevin Schultz says:

    That jazz musical number  *chef's kiss*

  2. MC says:

    This hits every mark.  I lived in Portland in the nineties and that city is never coming back.  It's sad to see the weirdness washed away.  Then you wake up and realize you're old and can't go home to the weirdness ever again.

  3. Nate says:

    You forgot one 'previously':

    When we moved to Austin years ago, I used to send that link to friends who were confused when I told them I liked Austin more than San Francisco. Unfortunately, this video is a more accurate portrayal of current-day Austin. People here have always liked to complain about the damn liberal Californians moving here, and when we moved, I was part of that 'problem.' But now, between the Silicon Valley crypto bros and the suburbanites from Fremont who think they're fleeing a Venezuelan style socialist dystopia, I'm finding myself complaining about the damn Californians moving here. The state government deciding that 'local control' is an annoyance and that Christofacism is a winning political strategy doesn't help matters.

  4. nooj says:

    This is hilarious!  As Nate said, it's a portrayal about current-day Austin: there's no mention of Austin's Music Scene or any classic locations, and most of those murals are new, as are the fucking scooters, teslas, and the two restaurants.  And the bitcoin; that stench is everywhere now.

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