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A brand-new £20m superyacht has been destroyed by fire just weeks after it was delivered to its multimillionaire owner, the Italian car industry boss Paolo Scudieri.

Seven crew members and nine passengers on the ship were unharmed and evacuated to other boats nearby, but the Aria is thought to be unsalvageable. [...]

The yacht, which had a gym and a pool and could accommodate up to 10 guests across five staterooms, was delivered to Scudieri late last month.

Scudieri's suite on the main deck included a private lounge with a skylight, a terrace and direct access to an outdoor lounge via a private staircase.

Because of course it did. You absolutely need a private staircase to keep you away from the unwashed masses on your yacht. Some before photos.

Searching for this also, sadly, led me to this article:

Burning Man-Inspired Superyacht Proves Anything Is Possible:

Video game designer and entrepreneur Dave Hagewood's newly relaunched GALAXY is the ultra-luxe, Burning Man-inspired, superyacht spaceship the young, first-time superyacht owner always knew he wanted. [...]

"The design concept was always about Dave and Danielle's love of life, passion for creating their own community like they find at Burning Man, and gifting everyone who steps onboard an energy that's pure and unforgettable. GALAXY is their very own spaceship." [...]

Hagewood also brings some fresh perspective to superyacht ownership as well. "There are lot of yachts out there that are very private, very closed. And there are lots of people that are kind of just retired and sailing off into the sunset," he says. "But there are a few that are really looking for our kind of energy. And we love meeting new people."

Ooooohhhhhhhhh, so it's a fuckyacht. I'll bet that no superyacht owner has ever considered the possibility of that before.

"Their passion for outer space and that feeling of being in another world meant so much, GALAXY became this, but it's also their home on the water," Colbon adds. "It touches the senses from head to toe, especially in the main salon, which can be their very own private members club, a super comfortable space to chill in the afternoon, a movie theater, and then transform into a nightclub where Dave can play his latest music track."

I am not going to search for Dave's Latest Music Track. I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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