OnlyFans bribed Facebook to put porn stars on terror watchlist

Adult performers saw their Instagram accounts falsely tagged as containing terrorist content -- crippling their ability to promote their business and devastating their incomes, according to the suits.

Sellers of smutty pictures were then "shadowbanned" across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites, the suits allege. Targeted accounts also included businesses, celebrities, influencers and others who "have nothing to do with terrorism," according to the suits. [...]

The plaintiffs claim the scheme dates back to 2018, when they say one or more Meta employees -- potentially including an unnamed senior executive -- took bribes from OnlyFans.

They claim the bribes were routed from OnlyFans' parent company, Fenix International, through a secret Hong Kong subsidiary into offshore Philippines bank accounts set up by the crooked Meta employees, potentially including at least one unnamed senior executive.

The suits -- which also name OnlyFans majority owner Leonid Radvinsky as a defendant -- claim the bribes paid off around October 2018, when people sold content through OnlyFans' rivals were allegedly hit with a "massive spike in content classification/filtering activity" that limited their reach. Meanwhile, users of OnlyFans enjoyed a "mysterious immunity" to the crackdown, the plaintiffs claim. [...]

The "Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism" was formed by Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google's YouTube in 2017 in a joint effort to stop the spread of mass shooting videos and other terrorist material online. When a member of the group flags a photo, video or post as terrorist-related, a digital fingerprint called a "hash" is shared across all its members.

In effect, that means a bikini pic wrongly flagged as jihadist propaganda on Instagram can also be quickly censored on Twitter or YouTube, all without the poster or public knowing that it was placed on the list -- much less how or why.

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Amazon's Reality Show for Our Surveillance Dystopia

Amazon's propaganda campaign to normalize surveillance is about to hit a higher gear: a new show featuring videos taken from Ring surveillance cameras.

The show is being produced by MGM Television, which is owned by Amazon, and Big Fish Entertainment, which ran another dystopian reality show: a piece of copaganda called Live PD which centered on commentary of police footage. [...]

Ring's surveillance cameras and surveillance network have been aggressively rolled out by Amazon mainly by cultivating fear in suburbs about crime, and by entering partnerships with police departments to give them unfettered access to surveillance footage. Last year, advocacy groups pushed for Amazon's Ring to be banned entirely by the Federal Trade Commission over concerns its facial surveillance technology could fuel criminalization of Black and brown people in public spaces. [...]

In the wake of the George Floyd uprisings, Live PD was briefly canceled along with Cops though both were revived just this year. And while Cops may be more familiar to some, Live PD was the more popular, more audacious, and more vile of the two by far. [...]

At this point, it is hard to defend ownership of a Ring camera. Using fear-mongering about package theft and suburban crime, a surveillance company has convinced countless homes to affix a surveillance network node that police departments and one of the world's largest monopolies will use to their benefit. And now they want us to laugh about it all in our (ideally) Ring-surveilled homes.

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