Couch-oriented video player, part 2

In my previous post on this topic, many of you recommended Kodi, which is awful. In fact, it's the only thing anyone recommended that comes close to doing what I asked about. Apparently it's the only game in town. So, followup questions:

  1. Does there exist a macOS video player that does the things I asked for that is not Kodi? (Go read my requirements.)

  2. For those of you who use Kodi -- how the fuck can you stand it?

    1. The "open on monitor" option simply does not work. It allows me to select which monitor it should run on, and then ignores that and always runs on monitor 0. This is pretty much a deal breaker.

    2. It crashes, like, constantly. I'm not sure I've had it stay up for 30 minutes yet. And not even playing video -- this piece of junk crashes like mad just when I'm navigating the maze of menus.

      Currently I can crash it in 5 seconds. Launch, select "Movies", type down-arrow 3 times. Boom. This is not a good program.

    3. It cannot comprehend or accept that movies and TV shows might exist in the same directory. The interwebs are full of complaints about this. Everyone thinks it is insane. I had to create a pair of link farms to make it stop losings its goddamned mind.

    4. After it has scanned my library, it has an "unwatched" section for both movies and TV shows. That's nice, but now it has many thousands of things in it that I have, in fact, watched, and there is no way to mark them all watched. If you google this, you will find many people asking this question, and then saying "Hey, your wrong answer does not work."

    5. Something happened and now it thinks there are only 6 TV shows in my library. And 5 of those are not shows I have ever heard of. Selecting them shows a directory listing with only ".." in it. This is not a good program.

    6. Sometimes the right mouse button brings up a context menu, and sometimes it seems to mean "back"? Are you kidding me?

    7. If there is an upper bound to how many sketchy-sounding domains it tries to contact during normal operation, I have not yet found it.

    8. Each theme is more vile than the one before. And you can only preview them by installing them.

    9. And that's before even trying to play video! Most of the videos I've tried play for ~14 seconds and then freeze. The counter advances, but the video doesn't. The playback scrollbar cannot be dragged.

    10. A couple of times it decided to stop using my default audio output and just start blasting out of my Mac's built-in speakers instead. So that was fun.

    11. And now it seems to have completely scorched audio system-wide somehow. Nothing can make sound any more, even after quitting Kodi. System Preferences says "Could not load Sound preference pane". I've never see anything accomplish this before. I guess I get to reboot. This is not a good program.


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