You Have Ten Seconds To Comply.

"Thank you for choosing to stay at Le Meriden Essex Chicago. Do not open and/or stand in the guest room windows as it will send an alert of a potential active shooter."


As Lollapalooza Opens, Activists Threaten Federal Lawsuit Over Chicago's Youth Curfew:

Organizers and lawyers with the groups said the city curfew's "Lollapalooza loophole" allows young people to bypass the 10 p.m. daily curfew if they are coming from a ticketed event. That provision benefits the wealthy, white suburban teens and tourists who flock to events like Lolla, while Black and Brown youth don't get a similar pass, organizers have said. [...]

"The backdrop of Lolla makes it clear who is allowed to be Downtown and who is allowed to move freely through their city without harassment -- and who isn't," said Kara Crutcher, a lawyer representing the organizations. "Black and Brown kids are simply not allowed the same freedom and permission." [...]

"Numerous courts -- including the Seventh Circuit -- have found youth curfews to be unconstitutional because they infringe upon young people's First Amendment activity, violate Equal Protection and can negatively implicate parent's constitutional rights," the groups wrote in their letter.

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