Big Grandma Energy

Before her death, 99-year-old Catarina Orduña Pérez had one final wish: a giant statue of a dick on top of her grave.

Her family unveiled the completed monument -- a 5-and-a-half-foot-tall cock and balls weighing nearly 600 pounds -- mounted on her tomb at a cemetery in Mexico this past weekend as a "recognition of her love and joy for life." [...]

Mota Limón recalled how his grandmother "saw life with great optimism and that problems shouldn't overwhelm us." She conceptualized that idea to the family with the metaphor of a penis, meaning when you're verga, "one should not give up. When problems arose, you needed to face them head-on." [...]

It took nearly a month and a team of 12 people, including a carpenter, a sander, a sculptor, and a carver, to build the statue. They got particularly delayed on the ballsack when the first attempt was "disfigured" and they had to start the process again of "melting materials to give it the necessary amplitude so that the testicles could be formed."

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