ImageMagick font insanity

After ImageMagick 7.0.8-14, this no longer works:

    convert -pointsize 100 -font ocrabold.ttf label:'A B C' out.jpg
    convert: no pixels defined in cache `A B C[0]' @ error/cache.c/SetPixelCacheNexusPixels/5052.

It works without spaces, or with different TTF files, or with a slightly different point size!

The "label" command doesn't even word-wrap (that's "caption") so I can't guess why it hates spaces now. And only with some fonts and sizes. No amount of backslashing helps.

"Just keep using 7.0.8-14 forever" had been my plan (even though that particular version, conveniently, is no longer on their web site), but as of recently, that no longer compiles. ("no member named 'FlashEC' in 'libraw_imgother_t'").

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Don't list your survivalist bunker on Zillow

Millionaire survivalist nutjob builds bunker for the helter skelter race war. Non-millionaire survivalist nutjob with AR-15 thinks, "I would like to live in that bunker, so I will just murder the family in their sleep and move in."

Zillow: 1266 Willis Branch Rd, Richmond, KY 40475. $6,500,000.


"My feelings were that we were going to have civil unrest because there was so much going on with Obama," Mr. Morgan said. He believed that people were going to rise up against the attempts to overhaul health care and restrict guns, and that societal collapse would soon follow. He envisioned "roving bands of gangs" hunting for food and necessities in the aftermath. He bought riot gear, bulletproof vests and a small arsenal of firearms, so that "if you had to engage a band of marauders, you would have a chance to save your family." [...]

Mr. Morgan quickly considered his other guns -- another pistol in the drawer, the 12-gauge shotgun in the closet, the AR-15 in the guest bedroom -- but saw his cellphone on the nightstand. He grabbed it and called the police.

"See, that's another thing I hate myself for," he said. [...]

According to a search warrant application, Mr. Gilday had researched a number of houses in Kentucky before settling on the Morgans'. All of them shared one feature: a bunker. [...]

Mr. Morgan instead speculated about political forces that might have it in for him and his family. He talked about hired assassins and past CIA experiments with brainwashing, and suggested that a violent attack on the home of a Second Amendment champion like himself had all the signs of an operation to justify more gun control.

"I just think that I was chosen to be a false flag," he said.

This made a lot more sense to him than murdering a family to get to their bunker.

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