SOMA Nature Walk, Bike Light Edition

I'm unlocking my bike and someone says, "Hey, did you have a light on your bike?"

I look down. "Ummmm, I did..."

"Yeah, some homeless guy was really angry about that. He spent a long time beating on it."

(They sounded kind of traumatized about having to witness this!)

In summary, those "Fortified" lights were really good and I wish it was still possible to buy them.

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Blockchain carbon offset laundry burns down second literal forest

Dutch reforestation company Land Life started what has become a 35,000 acre forest fire in Spain:

Land Life is a carbon offsetting firm, which means that it plants trees to, in theory, make up for the carbon emissions of polluting industries. [...]

This forest fire has not likely wiped out the lion's share of Land Life's work, but it is also not the first forest fire caused by Land Life -- on June 20, it sparked another inferno that wiped out 49 acres. "It is not good that it happens once and that they continue working," the mayor of Bubierca told local media. [...]

Land Life describes itself as "technology-driven," saying on LinkedIn that it uses tech "such as drones, artificial intelligence and monitoring applications." It also appears to have dabbled in blockchain tech, having raised €3.5 million in 2018 to develop "proprietary technology across the nature reforestation value chain." The company's website itself is devoid of any further mention of blockchain technology, but the 2018 press release announcing the Series A funding mentions "patented planting technologies, autonomous planting, remote monitoring and blockchain verification."

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