An excellent payphone project

It accepts money, does VOIP, and has Easter eggs!

The 970-HA-JOKES Payphone Project:

It all started because they moved the parking meters around my neighborhood. When our city (Boulder) got new pay stations, they left behind concrete pads with metal mount points.

I mentioned to my wife, 'wouldn't it be funny if someone put a payphone there?

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"A global experiential hospitality platform"

San Francisco is getting its first NFT-based restaurant and private club. And it's being built right in the middle of a public park.

The wording around the club's recent media blitz reads like a parody of Silicon Valley's repellent buzzwordery. "SHO Club is a member's only NFT-based hospitality club providing exclusive access to immersive experiences and services around its flagship restaurant, SHO," reads the blurb.

What's more galling than the repeated use of the terms "immersive" and "experiential" to describe an actual restaurant is the fact that, as the group's website proudly proclaims, the astronomically expensive and exclusive eatery "is the only rooftop restaurant located on the Salesforce Transit Center's roof." [...]

In a terrifying J.G. Ballard-like dystopian metaphor come to life, the private lounge, which will charge a top-tier membership fee of $300,000 a pop (yes, really, more on that later), will be situated 70 feet above surrounding homeless encampments. [...]

Membership, which begins pre-sale in the next few weeks, is split into three tiers: Earth, Water and Fire. That lowest rung, the Earth tier, will be limited to an oddly specific 2,878 members, and cost a one-time fee of $7,500. For that, alongside their nonfungible token, members get access to the "private members entrance" and "front of the line access." It's a little baffling to know why one would need both. [...]

If the intention of the top Fire tier level was to invoke Fyre Festival vibes, then Sho has succeeded.

For a mere $300,000 (plus a small $9,000 "transaction fee"), Fire tier members, of which there can only be 10, can enjoy "ownership-like benefits." Why anyone would pay that much money to experience the stress of owning a restaurant in San Francisco, a notoriously painful and short-lived endeavor, is unclear.

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Antiquities Theft Task Force

ADA Matthew Bogdanos:

And, listen, the reality is we deal with people who have never seen a special agent or detective except on television. The number of times I have been told to take the service entrance I can't --

We walked in and I presented a warrant to this very proper British gentleman who had smuggled a $3 million Persian Garden Relief, stolen from Persepolis in 1933, into New York. And I said, "Here's a warrant, we're going to take this."

And he, in his very proper British accent said, "What if I say no?"

And I just chuckled because I'd never -- no one had ever actually said that before in all these years of search warrants. "What if I refuse?" I had two detectives with me. One of my detectives was like a third generation Irish cop, the kind of guy who would if you see him on the beach in a bathing suit, you go up to him and say, "Excuse me, officer," right? He just smells of cop. And I turned to the detective because he had taken a step forward and I said, "Tommy. Tommy, deep breaths. Deep breaths. We're good." And then I said to the guy, "I don't -- I guess you'll be arrested? I mean, I don't know what to say. You just, it's a hypothetical, right? But yeah, that would actually be a crime." He proceeded to curse me out with some of the most elegant phrasing, it was pretty colorful.

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