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  1. Jim says:

    It's a great story, but and because they are not only ignoring canon but reconning their own scripts. How was Leia supposed to know anything about the Path? Because one line said she did? Okay.

    • David Hoover says:

      ~25 minutes into episode 3, they get into the secret room in the safehouse (Leia also knows about that & hiding behind the "dumb" droid): "It all leads to Jabiim, and from there we give them new identities and get them out." There may have been more after that, I don't remember, but the empire hearing everything routes through Jabiim would be Real Bad for them.

      The rebellion knows for sure that Leia was in the room to hear dangerous information. Sure, there's a decent chance the little kid wasn't paying attention and didn't really hear a word of it, but it's entirely possible she could blow the whole operation.

      The Empire doesn't really know what she knows, but pretty quickly in the interrogation it's clear she's refusing to tell them things rather than being genuinely ignorant. At that point, even if she doesn't actually have any useful information, the Empire's a bunch of bullies who won't stand for that kind of insolence. You might as well torture her to death & see what you can find; it's not like they were going to give her a lollipop and send her home after this.

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