I Should Be Able to Mute America

Patrick Marlborough:

Why? Because America has no chill. America is exhausting. America is incapable of letting something be simply funny instead of a dread portent of their apocalyptic present. America is ruining the internet.

America is the internet.

America insists that you bear witness to it tripping on its dick and slamming its face into an uncountable row of scalding hot pies. You do more than bear witness, because American Twitter has the same kind of magnetic pull as a garbage disposal unit. A sick part of you wants to shove your hand in. You want to let the blades cut into your knuckles, if just to see if you can slow them down a little. [...]

I should not know who Pete Buttigieg is. In a just world, the name Bari Weiss would mean as much to me as Nordic runes. This goes for people who actually might read Nordic runes too. No Swede deserves to be burdened with this knowledge. No Brazilian should have to regularly encounter the phrase "Dimes Square." To the rest of the vast and varied world, My Pillow Guy and Papa John should be NPCs from a Nintendo DS Zelda title, not men of flesh and bone, pillow and pizza. Ted Cruz should be the name of an Italian pornstar in a Love Boat porn parody. Instead, I'm cursed to know that he is a senator from Texas who once stood next to a butter sculpture of a dairy cow and declared that his daughter's first words were "I like butter."

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5 Responses:

  1. Andrew Janke says:

    Jesus Christ. As an outsider, I kinda get this. I'm an American, and *I* wish I could mute America.

  2. Dan says:

    I'm pleased to report that I've been pretty successful in keeping America on mute:

    • I don't know who "Pete Buttigieg" is (although I know I've seen the name).
    • I've never heard of "Bari Weiss" (just "Barry Weiss" from Storage Wars).
    • I've never heard or seen the phrase "Dimes Square".
    • I don't know about "My Pillow Guy".
    • I know about Papa John's Pizza, but don't think I've ever had it.
    • I knew the name "Ted Cruz" and that he's a politician, but didn't know he's a senator from Texas.
  3. Scott says:

    Can you imagine just how much worse it would be if some Australian had come over and fucked up American news and media (more)?

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