Drag queens fight fascists, 1940

John Topham, Royal Artillery Coastal Defence Battery at Shornemead Fort:

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  1. CSL3 says:

    Slightly unrelated, but I used to have a link to an historical article (kicking myself for having lost that link) about Pearl Harbor and how the GIs would have died without blood transfers from the sex workers whom the GIs otherwise treated shitty (like in the original novel of <i>From Here to Eternity</i>, which had <b>A LOT</b> of glorious gayness in it).

  2. Glaurung says:

    Note that the linked article perpetuates an inaccuracy I've seen repeatedly with reference to these photos.  The gun they're staffing is designed to shoot at ships, not planes (out rather than up).  So they were probably not responding to an air raid, but to the sighting of a possible enemy ship.  See the comments (and a delightful bonus picture of the soldiers getting made up by their colleagues) here: https://www.vintag.es/2020/01/soldiers-in-drag.html

  3. Thomas Lord says:

    Dazzle was very in, in 1940.   I mean, just look at how they painted that long, thick gun.

  4. LaughingBubba says:

    Looks like the pilot for “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”

    • Andrew Macpherson says:

      Indeed, none of these censored photos will come as any surprise whatsoever to the British public.

      Most episodes just have the one cross-dressing soldier, as I recall. For maximum frock-age I'd go for Forbidden Fruits episode from series 2.

  5. unapologetic schizo says:

    Patton was right. We defeated the wrong enemy.

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