Anna "Delvey" Sorokin announces she will "move away from the 'scammer persona'" and launch NFTs

Web3 is going just great:

Anna Sorokin, the scammer who convinced people and companies to give her hundreds of thousands of dollars by pretending to be a German heiress, has decided to get into NFTs. After winding up with a "scammer persona", which she says is a result of the Netflix series about her and not a result of the scams that landed her in prison, she has announced her intentions to "move away from" it. Now she is focusing on an NFT collection, which she announced in an interview from a detention facility in New York.


The infamous socialite minted 10 NFTs that will grant holders "exclusive access" to her, which includes perks like one-on-one phone calls [...] Three "ultra platinum" NFTs grant the opportunity to meet Sorokin in person, and holders will receive a package of "personal items" from Sorokin.

Now I'm just an unfrozen caveman, your tokens funge and frighten me, but I thought the point of an NFT was to be a tradable investment commodity. Once you have claimed your one phone call and fruit basket, how does your receipt for a 64 digit hash still hold any resale value?

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15 Responses:

  1. 6

    Molly White is doing yeoman’s work in her coverage of and commentary on the crypto scam. Just an unflappable voice of reason facing down an absurd crowd.

    • jwz says:

      Absolutely. It's hard to imagine how anyone has the stomach for it, but I guess that having started out on Wikipedia gives her some real Bane "you merely adopted the darkness" energy.

  2. Mike Qtips says:

    Reading this on the day the major indexes make a two-year low is peak NFT.

  3. MattyJ says:

    All NFT-related announcements should be from a detention facility in New York.

  4. Krisjohn says:

    This is not real attempt to sell NFTs, it's an attempt to get into the upper levels of the NFT-selling crowd.

  5. cmt says:

    The thing is that she's about to be deported for overstaying her visa, and I guess she's using the opportunity to collect some re-starter money before sinking into obscurity (becoming a "media personality" over here is not a sure thing, I've been told).

    • Elusis says:

      Don't we have statutes preventing prisoners from profiting off their crimes?  Did I make that up?

      • CSL3 says:

        Not when Steve Bannon is walkin' free.

        • Elusis says:

          I think somebody has to convict that guy of something for that statute to apply.  Trust me, I have a bottle of bubbly (OK cheap prosecco) on reserve for that day.

      • cmt says:

        Well - the money from the Netflix show was used to repay (some of?) her victims and legal fees, while she as in that prison; but now she's in detention awaiting/fighting deportation, so maybe that doesn't apply here anymore? I've no clue about american law, and following wannabe-celebrity news is also not my cup of tea.

    • Dan says:

      Ye, it's her last attempt to get attention to her, she knows that when she gets deported all us media will die out and the other media will not give a *** about her scams.

  6. Glaurung says:

    "To the original purchaser only, you get these patreon-like perks. Subsequent purchasers of the guaranteed unique receipt get nothing." doesn't have the same zing as calling it an NFT.

  7. CSL3 says:

    In other news: David Cronenberg is selling an NFT of his kidney stones.

    I'd like to believe that he's doing it because he realises how stupid it is (especially how it describes him chuckling about it), but... he's still doing it.

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