Cheese Heists, now with lowjack rinds

What was your cheese missing? How about Dunning-Krugerrands and the tangy flavor of mysterious heavy metals?

The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium says the amount of cheese fraud is almost as big as product sales: sales are around $2.44 billion while fraudulent cheese is a $2.08 billion market. [...]

For the past two decades, Parmigiano Reggiano wheels have already featured a unique alphanumeric tracking code, but now, the Consortium has tested embedding p-Chip micro transponders into the casein label. As the Consortium explains, "The innovation combines food-safe Casein labels with the p-Chip micro transponder -- a blockchain crypto-anchor that creates a digital 'twin' for physical items. This scannable new food tag is smaller than a grain of salt and highly durable, delivering next-generation visibility and traceability."

So the blorkchonk grift here, the big innovation is, "the serial number is easier to read."


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