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Dear Lazyweb,

Raspberry Pi4B, Raspbian 10.10. Behavior I want: if ethernet is available use that, otherwise use wifi. Behavior I get: both are up, each with its own IP. How do I make it not bind wifi if eth is working?

Second: I would like the host to always have the same static IP, regardless of whether it chose ethernet or wifi. With a "real" DHCP server I was able to accomplish that like so:

host NAME-a { fixed-address NAME; hardware ethernet MAC-ETH0; }
host NAME-b { fixed-address NAME; hardware ethernet MAC-WIFI; }

But these days my DHCP server is a UniFi UDM Pro 1.11.4, and It seems to insist upon a 1:1 mapping between IPs and MACs. Is there any way to accomplish this eminently sensible thing?

As always, please note:

  • These are two extremely specific questions.
  • Your guesses are not helpful.
  • Your opinion that I should not want this, likewise.

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