This is magical

Via, but I couldn't find the original GIF.

And because I had to know: yes, every frame decodes properly.
And nearly all of the animated bits are necessary for proper decoding.

Update: A generator: Amazing QR.

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10 Responses:

  1. Steve Allen says:

    I feel a need to rent a downtown storefront window and set up a monitor displaying this.

  2. Paul says:

    I was kinda hoping it was Admiral Ackbar. Oh well.

  3. 1

    I never did trust QR codes.

  4. David says:

    Converted back to a gif in part using netpbm (thanks Jef):

    • jwz says:

      ...and then converted back to an MP4 by by auto-GIF-optimizer, which for this one, actually made it larger.

  5. tfb says:

    That's some impressive crankery. Because obviously despite the numerous surveys which have failed to find enough lensing to support BHs as a candidate for missing mass, the crank is so certain in his (it is always his) 'knowledge' that, after his numerous papers – not all of which are in green crayon and some of which have even been published on Popular Crankery's preprint server – have been systematically ignored on the orders of the Hidden Illuminoid Science Elite Conspiracy[1], he will sue them. That's bound to work, even if he can't spel 'mases'.

    [1] The Hidden Illuminoid Science Elite Conspiracy, I will remind our listeners, are the people who faked the Moon landings, and have in recent years occupied much of their time faking vast masses of data to make it look as if climate change was real, for reasons which are obscure but we expect are somehow related to HISEC being, ah, citizens of nowhere, to coin a phrase. Indeed, it is little known that They have now successfully interfered with every clock, shortening the length of summer and increasing that of winter so that growing seasons appear to be getting longer, when in fact they remain the same length. This would, of course, not be possible if the southern hemisphere existed: obviously it doesn't as there is no place for such a thing on a flat planet, don't be silly.

  6. This puts the stickers (pictured below, top left, on the back of my current laptop) that xenophile sent me to shame!
    PS, jwz, I dig the new form. Although I faintly miss entering HTML manual, I think this works great! (And, yeah, it's a little clunky on a phone, but it absolutely works fine.)

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