Intro to Antique Coding

I can't stop thinking about this scene. This may be the greatest bit of dialog that has ever appeared in any Star Trek.

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  1. Emma H says:

    Serious "this is a Unix System, I know this" energy.

  2. Carlos says:

    This is fabulous. "ANSI coding". Cut the glossary out of a 1980s "anyone can learn to be a systems programmer" book, throw it in a blender, bake in a 350-degree GUI word processor, and voila - instant script gibberish.


  3. Yet after all the time that has passed, we still fail to airgap our systems.

  4. mattl says:

    I always loved the reference to a GPL stealth module in Johnny Mnemonic.

    Later you see a box with GPL on it get ripped open.

  5. I feel like I am only watching this show via inertial energy imparted by TNG. It is... not good?

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