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Some excerpts from Violet's pandemic roundup:

Palm Springs Desert Sun reported Coachella Valley cases were up 77% following first weekend of Coachella.

Coachella's first no-vax, no-test, no-mask weekend adds to a growing list of bands and performers "cancelling shows, abandoning tours, sick and/or stuck in quarantine far from home." Positives came for Bob Mould, Jon Spencer, Low, Superchunk, and many more. [...]

"Unfortunately, the idea of one-way masking is better in theory than in practice." See: What is one-way masking, and does one-way masking work? [...]

An unqualified Federal judge in Florida on Monday struck down the CDC's mask protections on airplanes, trains, and other public transit. [...] Airlines immediately announced to passengers it was safe to unmask while in airports, or mid-flight, endangering those at-risk or traveling with children under 5. Flight attendants and pilots chided those who continued to mask. Uber and Lyft followed suit.

Delta Airlines announced the change with a false statement, that Covid-19 "has transitioned to a seasonal virus." [...] Further, "Delta Air Lines and United Airlines will allow customers previously barred from flying for failing to wear masks to board flights again."

Perhaps Delta should change its name to Omicron. [...]

"BART, SF Muni, Caltrain [...] all initially announced that they are making no changes to their current masking policy, keeping the mandate in place for now." However, BART has stopped enforcing mask requirements on trains. [...]

The San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday ran a headline saying that masks don't work. One of the authors was UCSF's Dr. Monica Gandhi.

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