Contra Chrome

At first I misunderstood this, and thought that Scott McCloud ("Understanding Comics") was having some serious remorse over having taken Google's blood money, but no, this is an outstanding remix of his product brochure by Leah Elliott:

Contra Chrome: How Google's Browser became a threat to privacy and democracy:

With her meticulous rearrangement of Scott McCloud's Google-commissioned Chrome comic from 2008, she delivers what she calls "a much-needed update". Laying bare the inner workings of the controversial browser, she creates the ultimate guide to one of the world's most widely used surveillance tools.

Interestingly, Google released McCloud's original propaganda piece under the "CC BY-NC-ND" license. Creative Commons, that's good, right? Well, that particular license explicitly prohibits "derivative works". Fortunately this is a textbook example of the fair use exemption to copyright law: a derivative work making extensive use of the original in order to comment on that work itself.

"Fair Use", of course, is a concept that is entirely inimical to Google's entire product line. They're working hard to eliminate it through a new lobbying effort called "Notice And Stay Down", which would essentially require every web site to implement a Youtube-style, automated, fair-use-ignoring, copyright-maximalist Content-ID system. And since building those is hard, it means that everyone would have to just license Google's.

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