Cheese Heist

No, not that one. A new one.

A sophisticated heist in the Netherlands has dairy farmers there on high alert.

Gerda van Dorp, a Dutch cheese farmer in the town of Fijnaart, in the south of the country, woke up on March 29 to a mostly empty cheese storage room. Overnight, unknown thieves had taken from her shelves 161 wheels of cheese, weighing 3,500 pounds, that had taken months to make and mature. [...]

The thieves also stole her trailer and two wheelbarrows from the farm, the police said, presumably to transport the cheese to a bus or a truck.

So the "sophisticated heist" is... they broke in and stole her trailer, wheelbarrows, and cheese. Sophisticated, indeed! Advanced Persistent Threat! Probably a State Actor!

Selling the cheese inside the Netherlands might be difficult. Every wheel of cheese has its own serial number, and farms add their logos to it as well to indicate where it was made -- and to make the products easily traced. [...]

Italy's precious Parmesan cheese is a frequent target, including a daring nighttime heist of 25,000 pounds in 2018. [...] Wisconsin has its own issues with what one cheese seller dubbed "cheese pirates." In 2016, someone made off with more than 20,000 pounds of cheese, valued at more than $46,000, when an unmarked trailer was stolen from a parking lot in Oak Creek.

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leetspeek 2.0


Algospeak refers to code words or turns of phrase users have adopted in an effort to create a brand-safe lexicon that will avoid getting their posts removed or down-ranked by content moderation systems. For instance, in many online videos, it's common to say "unalive" rather than "dead," "SA" instead of "sexual assault," or "spicy eggplant" instead of "vibrator." [...]

Sex workers, who have long been censored by moderation systems, refer to themselves on TikTok as "accountants" and use the corn emoji as a substitute for the word "porn." [...] More recently, users on TikTok have started to say "cornucopia" rather than "homophobia," or say they're members of the "leg booty" community to signify that they're LGBTQ. [...] "You have to say 'saltines' when you're literally talking about crackers now," [...]

TikTok users now use the phrase "le dollar bean" instead of "lesbian" because it's the way TikTok's text-to-speech feature pronounces "Le$bian," a censored way of writing "lesbian" that users believe will evade content moderation.

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