Space Force

I had assumed that Space Force would be headquartered at Mar-a-Lago and would have quietly gone away when the other guy was out, but nope, apparently it's still a thing. And they have some badass patches, if you are a 12 year old boy who's really into 70s metal.

Also, the first season of the Steve Carell Space Force show was kind-of ok, but the second season was really bad.

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  1. thielges says:

    Sweet! That dumpster fire patch is a mere $8.

    • Bill Paul says:

      Sadly it's also out of stock.

      (I bet they have plenty of Bort license plates though.)

    • Jim says:

      Their subreddit is a dumpster fire. It's obvious nobody else in the Pentagon takes them seriously and they're more concerned about twelve kinds of uniforms and rank name distinctions than deorbiting space junk or stopping ransomware.

  2. Emma H says:

    12 year old boys without supervision end up with space nazi imagery…

    • Michael Sternberg says:

      Eventually, they might even ask “Are We the Baddies?”

  3. familial says:

    I had assumed that [horrible thing] would have quietly gone away when the other guy was out, but nope, apparently it's still a thing.

    The only thing being done quietly is the continuation and normalization of most of that other guy's worst actions, just now with no coverage. Did you know his border wall is still being constructed?

  4. Jay says:

    I saw an evil space wizard, a kraken, a hydra... I thought they might be really into D&D or something, but then I saw godzilla... and a freaking dumpster fire? Are we sure these are not some sort of internal joke?

    • jwz says:

      Are you sure Space Force isn't some sort of internal joke?

      • Derpatron9000 says:

        Trust me, it's not internal, it's a world wide joke

      • Glaurung says:

        Their name is a joke. Their job is real but also so mundane that I don't blame them for wanting to have a groovy name that makes them sound more important.

        They were the branch of the air force that builds, launches, and operates satellites for the US military, including GPS, military communications, and ballistic missile launch detection satellites. An important job that in a rational world would never be deemed important enough to split them off into a separate branch of their own.

        In theory, they also defend those satellites from enemy attack, which I think is just a placeholder for "we wish we had a counter to enemy antisatellite weapons that can blow up our satellites if anyone ever starts world war III."

        • Nick Lamb says:

          Right, there were military aircraft in World War I, but they were elements of the "real" military branches, the Army and Navy.

          By World War II, the importance of aircraft in warfare is heightened and now there is an Air Force, although some aviators remain to this day associated with the Navy in particular (e.g. Top Gun is about pilots but they're navy pilots)

          And of course the opposite is true too, my mother worked for the RAF's Regiment, which exists because somebody has to be on the ground defending an airbase and they're not going to let some idiots from the Army who don't even understand how planes work do something so important.

          Space Force is like if you'd called two biplanes and a handful of guys who're learning to fly them an "Air Force" in 1905. How do these contribute to a war? Well, maybe I can fly with one hand and fire a pistol with the other hand. Or maybe the planes will get drastically better.

          • By World War II, the importance of aircraft in warfare is heightened and now there is an Air Force

            Depends on where you're looking. The USAF did not become an independent service until after WWII, amid much debate about whether the USAAF had played a decisive role in winning the war.
            What nobody seems to have asked was "If the USAAF was able to play a decisive role in producing victory as the USAAF, why is that an argument for their being created an independent USAF?"

      • Jay says:

        Point taken...

  5. Igelau says:

    I think I'm going to rip off "We'd like to apologize to absolutely nobody" for the arms of my house. Might take the devices too.

    • Alex says:

      I particularly like the fact that the image for that one is Godzilla pissing into a carafe of sake. Says just about everything you need to know about the mission of the space experimentation group.

  6. Benjy says:

    I didn't make it as far as the 2nd episode...

  7. agentlion says:

    I had assumed that The Space Force has been in the works and in planning for many years, but wasn’t ready for unveiling or rollout yet. Then Trump saw it in one of his first intelligence briefings and thought “oh shit yeah, I’m gonna be the guy to start The Space Force! Make this happen now!” So, the rest of planning was rushed, and of course he bungled the announcement like only he can, and it just became toxic and a big joke.

  8. I'm a fan of the monster-mounting-the-earth motif in these patches. Of the four renditions shown in this post I think the Chinese lion is the standout, but the NROL-39 octopus you posted a few years ago keeps the top spot on my list.

  9. Syn Lyberaci says:

    Do I have to pay for those patches? Cause haven't my tax dollars already bought them. So they'll just mail them to me when I ask. Right?

  10. VRic says:

    I think I may have to apologize on behalf of my country. Because when my tinfoil hat got too tight the other day, I noticed a coincidence, which therefore cannot possibly be a coincidence.

    As you well know, your most orange representative liked the military parade Macron babysat him at in Paris in 2018 so much that he started agitating for some of his own at home.

    Well, it's pretty obvious they had a chat about military boom boom stuff. And then this happened almost simultaneously:
    — 2019 : suddenly, Star Force!
    — 2020 (but certainly scheduled for a while, because if there's a thing our military doesn't do it is change quickly) : our Armée de l'air (literally "Army of the air") gets renamed Armée de l'air et de l'espace ("Army of the air and of space"). Without changing logos and patches though. That there is entirely on you.

    So, I'm sorry.

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