COVID winding

"COVID winding down" (taps ear piece) sorry, I'm being told that should be "COVID winding rule even-odd."

I have Safari configured to use Reader Mode by default, and this is what one of NYT's "interactive" graphics looked like. It's beautiful.

(Preferences / Websites / Reader / Other / On)

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  1. CSL3 says:

    And suddenly the mountain-esque shape reminds me of that old NES Olympics game where I always failed the cliff-jump event.

    It also looks like the mountains surrounding Shang Tsung's island in the '95 movie version of Mortal Kombat.

  2. Jim says:

    Meanwhile, in poop: "More than a third of the CDC’s wastewater sample sites ..showed rising Covid-19 trends in the period ending March 1 to March 10"

    • david konerding says:

      That's really just a heatmap of US population with a few additional minor variables with small variances pasted on top.

      The next few weeks will be a useful test of sewage sampling, in that if it acts as a 2-week forward indicator of forthcoming exponential growth due to a new variant. However, this being Science of Human Biology, it's entirely possible we could see exponential growth in sewage and then not have mass spread following.

    • jer says:

      So this period takes around nine days to end, starting to end on March 1 and finally finishing its ending on the 10th? Or is it the rising trends that are ending?

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