Chonky Palmtop

A cyberdeck with a butterflying split keyboard, you say? But, the key layout is a war crime.

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6 Responses:

  1. Mbourgon says:

    What's wrong with that? Standard ergodox, isn't it?

    • Not Frank says:

      Look closer, Clarice:

      • Mbourgon says:

        Ah. Yes, war crime. I thought it was the layout of the keyboard itself, not the letters on them (since the photos didn’t show them, I assumed they were “human” or “not war crime”)

      • nfd says:

        Looks like a play on Colemak. Miryoku seems to support QWERTY with the same mod layers etc. if you want.

        I haven't tried any of those weird modern layouts--I'd have to relearn everything to work in Vim, probably--but I could come up with waaaaaaaay more cursed. Personally.

    • MattyJ says:

      Y'all still look at your keys when you type? Geesh.

  2. CSL3 says:

    Given that Trump is notoriously "just plain hostile toward [..] new apps and technology" ("get[ting] irrationally angry at websites and online forums that don’t make sense to him") and the MeinPillow moron has vowed to "sue all machines", I'd love to imagine both of them seeing the above and being so scared that their heads explode, Scanners-style.

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