Lumon Industries Macrodata Refinement Terminal:

Production designer Jeremy Hindle and set decorator Andrew Baseman worked to capture the feel of a period computer terminal without using anything that would be instantly recognizable to most viewers. The keyboards are very similar to the Data General Dasher, but have been built with a trackball that never existed in the original.

The Stories Behind Severance's Eerie Office Design:

"I was careful not to show anything that was easily recognizable," Baseman said of the props found within the Innies' "macrodata-refinement" office. "We wanted to confuse the viewer about whether this is a period piece, contemporary, or the future. The lamps and chairs, all of those things were either manufactured or found in faraway lands because we didn't want people to say, 'Oh, that's an Eames chair.'" [...]

Hindle and Baseman learned the hard way that any single brand of computer would be too identifiable for viewers. "We made a computer that, if it ever came out in the real world and the engineers described what they were doing, no one would believe them. It's a cathode-ray tube, but it's a touchscreen. It has a trackball. We recognize some aspects of it, and some not at all." The contradictory qualities are supposed to be baffling but also a bit amusing. "It doesn't look like an adult high-tech computer," Baseman added. "It looks like a toy."

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