DNA Lounge: Wherein we've got something cooking

Here's a nice write-up about our upcoming Just Add Heather show this Sunday:

SF's Only Show With Live Cabaret and Live Baking

It started with a dessert -- remember how all of a sudden during lockdown, everyone was baking? "Nobody could go out and buy pastries," Thiel says. "I thought, why don't I just do my recipes and sing?" [...]

And once things did open up again for live performance, opportunity came knocking. Jim Sweeney, producer of The World-Famous Hubba Hubba Revue, approached her about potentially creating a live stage show for the DNA Lounge. With his encouragement, and with a new direction to go in with the show, Thiel found herself an old portable Wolf convection oven that could be brought onstage -- and the rest, as they say, is history. Just Add Heather Live premiered in the DNA's intimate upstairs lounge, and after an extremely successful first show, they've been upgraded to the main stage for this Sunday's blowout showcase. [...]

There aren't many backyard pandemic web series that can say they've found their way onto the DNA's Main Stage (trust me, I tried it myself), but of all the ones that can, Just Add Heather might just take the cake -- because at this show, you might actually get to EAT the cake!
This week was the return of the Game Developers Conference, which is historically significant as the cancellation of GDC 2020 and our week of related events was our first indication that the shit had, in fact, hit the fan. The whole city went into lockdown shortly after those GDC cancellations. (And that was back when our daily case rate was about a quarter of what it is today. You know, before everyone was just "over it".)

It was extremely nice to see that GDC was requiring both masks and boosters. Weird when a tech conference cares more about safety than the city of San Francisco!

Also last week, we finally had the Haru Nemuri show (and here's a nice review of it). This show was originally scheduled for March 29, 2020; then it was rescheduled to Sep 11, 2020; then to Mar 27, 2021; then to Nov 4, 2021; and finally to this one! I think that's the last of our 2020 reschedules.

Some POW photos, with our epic projections:

Also our GDC Meetup party the following night was so popular that a full 10% of GDC's total attendance came to DNA Lounge that night. That's pretty good!

We also have a bunch of other live shows coming up soon:

D.O.A + The Death Set
John 5 + The Haxans
Nascar Aloe
Front Line Assembly
Brujeria + Goatwhore
And I haven't done a photo roundup in a while, so here are some recent galleries. As you look at these galleries, you may be saying to yourself, "Hey, self, the DNA Lounge stage lighting is looking pretty amazing these days". Thank you, you're right!

Kool Keith
So Stoked
Noise Pop: King Woman + Spiritual Cramp
Noise Pop: Tipling Rock + The Rare Occasions
Indie Nite

Haru Nemuri
Taylor Swift Night
Psyber Punk
Omnium Gatherum
Bridge City Sinners


This has been around for a while, but I hadn't heard of it before. I had a spare 96GB on my iPad, so now I have an offline copy of all of Wikipedia on it, just because.


We can make highly compressed copies of entire websites that each fit into a single (.zim) file. Zim files are small enough that they can be stored on users' mobile phones, computers or small, inexpensive Hotspot.

Kiwix then acts like a regular browser, except that it reads these local copies. People with no or limited internet access can enjoy the same browsing experience as anyone else.

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