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You can now download of all of the data that Amazon admits to having about you. To do this, you submit a request and they email you a URL -- "Usually, this should not take more than a month."

I dunno, if that database query takes a month to run, maybe Amazon should look into contracting with a cloud provider?

Anyway, once you get the download link, guess what -- it's not a download link. It's seventy-one separate download buttons. Is there a Download All button? Hahahahahaha.

My data was 115 MB spread over 10,988 mostly-CSV files. A quick stroll didn't reveal anything too surprising. It includes every email they ever sent you, and, amusingly, the transcript of every conversation you've had with their "support" chatbots.

Presumably this is the result of them doing the absolute bare minimum in order to comply with some jurisdiction's new or pending legislation. You can tell from the loving care they put into it.

I wonder if each of those 71 separate zip files had its own project team.

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