Pandemic Cartograms

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  1. MC says:

    I'm surprised at the mortality rate in China given their vaccination rate.

    • cmt says:

      Wat? As I read the second map, China is that light-green smush between Russia (also light green) and the accumulation of red countries (South Korea and Japan are dark green) - that fits best with the coastal lines there.
      The original article puts "Excess mortality in the absolute" on the section with that map, and even a very low excess mortality rate times the largest population gives a significant absolute number. (We could go on and discuss how much sense this visualisation makes, between mortality rate, population, population density etc; I find it slightly confusing for the numbers but impressive for the message).

    • Rob Rogerson says:

      You know how s**thole countries like the US said they were doing 'lockdowns' to fight COVID?

      Well, China actually, you know, did lockdowns. They worked great.

    • Credulous says:

      I'm surprised that we're just credulously accepting China's reported mortality rate given literally every other dealing we've had with the country. This shouldn't distract from the failings of our own governments, but c'mon man, the world's biggest asterisk belongs beside those numbers.

      • jer says:

        I'm surprised that this comment section has an "$ENEMY_OF_THE_STATE_OF_THE_DAY gets pointed out to be the enemy of the state of the day" comment that you tend to find on every other US website's comment sections but not here.

        I'll get my coat.

  2. cmt says:

    Look at how they swapped the orange and red colors between the maps - I think that really distracts from the message here, as it immediately looks like cheap-ass manipulation (even if that wasn't the intention here, what do I know).

  3. david konerding says:

    I look at charts and graphs all day (and love cartograms) but the combination of color and shape distortion makes it more or less impossible for me to extract any useful information from this.

    is there... a conclusion I should be making?

    For the nerds, here's some software that does cartograms and some cartporn:

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