From craft beer to Molotov cocktails

"Right now, nobody is drinking much beer anyway because of the war, so we decided to use the bottles to make Molotovs instead," said Juri Zastavniy, the manager of Pravda.

"As a brewery, we have access to large numbers of bottles, and we also know to handle materials and generally keep everything clean and safe." [...] Mr Zastavniy said it helped the war effort to have Molotovs that were ready-made by experts, as they could injure the user if not properly constructed. "It can be very dangerous if you don't put a proper cork into the bottle, for example," he said.

At his brewery in an old industrial quarter on the outskirts of Lviv, where start-up firms operate from old shipping containers, Pravda's staff were churning out hundreds of Molotovs on Sunday in the corner of a yard.

They used a mixture of petrol and other household ingredients blended to a specific recipe that they had downloaded from the internet. Ukraine's civil authorities have also issued the public with instructions on how to make Molotovs, urging civilians to use them to "neutralise the occupier".

The Putin Huilo beer - described as a "dry-hopped golden ale" - has a label depicting Mr Putin as a tattooed Russian mafia boss sitting on a throne. In his lap sits a childlike-version of Dimitry Medvedev, Russia's former prime minister, who holds a toy-like version of the MH17 airliner. The plane was shot down by Russian separatists over Ukraine in 2014, killing 298 civilians. [...]

The beer is brewed in a large champagne-style bottle, which Mr Zastavniy said was the ideal size for petrol bombs. He added, though, that the company would be making Molotovs donated from every brewery in the city. "Even the big brewery from Carlsberg offered their bottles for free," he said.

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14 Responses:

  1. SomeGuy says:

    This video is pretty terrible which is surprising given that AJ is usually decent

    It doesn’t even seem to understand that “The Soviet Union” and “Russia” aren’t the same thing

    And I literally lol when it went into how the USSR felt betrayed after WW2. Poor Stalin, my heart bleeds

    It’s basically never ok to invade another country unless they attack you first. Not when the US does it and not when Russia does it.

    Putin actually is a monster and the worlds revulsion of him is justified

    • CSL3 says:

      The video's not disputing that. But given that Putin is former KGB, Russia and the Soviet Union are still the same thing to him. His nationalist bullshit is the same as that of his lapdog Trump, except that he never had the balls to flat out invade another country.

      • SomeGuy says:

        It matters quite a lot when you are referencing diplomatic promises made to a state and government that ceased to exist shortly thereafter.

        The idea that NATO is some kind of threat to a Russia that still has enough nukes to atomize the planet ten times over is a ridiculous non starter . Not to mention that Russia is already bordered by NATO.

        It’s all just reads like ridiculous apologetics. Putin is bad, just like Dubya was bad. There are no excuses for his actions

        I actually liked this article much better for an overview

        • CSL3 says:

          Then why are you getting up in arms when your comments show that you agree with what the video said? Putin overreacting to NATO is its central point.

          • SomeGuy says:

            Because the motivations being attributed to Putin and Russia are overly generous and basically wrong

            His motivations are quite simply to attempt to restore Russia to the greatness of the former Soviet Union.

            It is nothing more complicated then that and if you listen to his most recent speeches he himself makes that pretty clear

            The idea that NATO is even partially respectable for his megalomania is total bullshit. It’s the abuser claiming that his wife made him do it

            • CSL3 says:

              Again, that's what the above already sai-- {sigh}

              Okay... if you're just gonna talk in circles, let's not waste anymore of Jamie's server space. Feel free to click on my name to comment on my website so I can ignore your circular logic there.

              • Someguy says:

                Either you don’t actually understand the main point the video is making or you don’t understand the point I am making.

                But that’s ok, agree, probably enough politics for one day

      • Rodger says:

        Putin explicitly criticised Lenin and the Soviet Union for giving away the territory of the Russian Empire. Only a buffoon could deduce from his statements that he thinks that Russia and the Soviet Union are the same.

  2. tfb says:

    I decided not to write anything yesterday when yours was the only comment, but someone else now has, so I will. I'm not going to get involved (so this is all I'm going to say) but that video is fucking awful. Awful enough that I spent some time trying to work out whether AJ were funded by Russians: they're not I think (and Qatar seems not to be in bed with Russia), so it's just awful.

  3. jwz says:

    I haven't watched this video and I don't plan to, but I sure am sick of listening to all of you complain about it, so I'm just deleting this thread.

  4. elm says:

    To no great surprise, Bitcoin companies are standing by Russian oligarchs and war profiteers.

    • CSL3 says:

      Like FB and the Republican Party, Web3 companies know Russians bad guys are their bread 'n butter. But at least we can rest easy knowing that Musk Oil did the right thi-- oh wait.

  5. Elusis says:

    Interesting - count says 12 responses but I can only see two?

    • jwz says:

      Everyone wanted to argue about some stupid video about Putin that I didn't watch, so I deleted the thread.

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